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Piecing Together a Jigsaw Puzzle of Language

A Profile of Dr. Natasha Warner of the Department of Linguistics by Cecelia Marshall, Student Science Journalist

Imagine a puzzle with all the pieces spread out. You begin to put... Read More

Shining a Light on Dark Networks

A Conversation with Dr. Brint Milward of the School of Government and Public Policy by Kyle Johnson, Student Science Journalist

While Brint Milward was a Peace Corps volunteer in... Read More

All Bones About It: The job of a forensic anthropologist

A Profile of Dr. Bruce Anderson of the School of Anthropology by Hope Miller, Student Science Journalist

Dr. Bruce Anderson spends more time studying the deceased than the living.... Read More

Studying How Citizens Make Political Decisions

A Conversation with Dr. Myiah Hutchens of the School of Journalism by Alison Dorf, Student Science Journalist

For scholars of U.S. politics, the tempo of research peaks... Read More

Dangerous women or victims of their own time?

Throughout the centuries, countless women have been labeled as witches, enchantresses, seductresses, and sirens. Cleopatra VII, Boudica, Eve, Jezebel, and Lucrezia Borgia are a few such women. But... Read More

NSF joins European international funding agencies as ORA partner

On October 11th, the National Science Foundation announced the intent for NSF/SBE to become a partner in the Open Research Area (ORA) for the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences.

ORA... Read More

Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowships due November 9

The 2013 Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowship is intended for graduate students who are in the completion stage of their dissertation and who have exhausted all other non-loan resources.... Read More

IAF Ph.D Fellowships and October prep webinars announced

The deadline for applications for the 2013-2014 cycle of the Inter-American Foundation Grassroots Development Ph.D Fellowships program is January 22, 2013.

Fellowships are available to... Read More

The Arab Spring: All Rights Reserved

Twitter, Facebook, and the Arab Spring. Which doesn't belong? Philosophy masters student Anthony Adams investigates.

Social media helps us stay connected with friends and family.... Read More

The whole staff, and nothing but the staff

Have you ever wondered what SBSRI is, who we are, or what we do? SBSRI is an organization that supports the research of faculty and students in the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences. Our... Read More


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