SBSRI Research Showcase

SBSRI Research Showcase

The College of SBS & SBSRI are excited to celebrate our researchers at the inaugural SBSRI Research Showcase
SBSRI Research Flyer

February 1, 2024 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


The Showcase will feature recent SBSRI-funded research project posters presented by SBS faculty and graduate students. The presenters will also compete for Best Poster awards, evaluated by a committee of campus dignitaries. 

We invite all to join us in celebrating the impactful research in our College! 

2024 Research Showcase Participants
Participant Department Grant Category  Title of Poster
Patrick Dean Robinson Anthropology  Pre-Doctoral What is "Nature," now? Science, Alliance, and Informed Local Self-Determination in Intag, Ecuador
Wei Xu Second Language Acquisition & Teaching /GIDP (chair in English) Pre-Doctoral Exploring Multilingual Genre Knowledge Development in a Foundations Writing Course
Seongin Choi School of Government & Public Policy Dissertation Loss Aversion and the Framing of Immigrant Rights Movements: The Effect of Gain-Loss Frame on Emotions, Information Processing, and Participation
Julie Edwards School of Geography, Development, & Environment Dissertation Reconstructing past arctic climate variability through high-resolution tree-ring wood anatomical chronologies from northern Alaska 
Rebecca Harkness Anthropology Dissertation Lessons from a Pot: How Corrugated Vessels Can Tell Us about Identity in the Prehispanic Mogollon US Southwest
Laryssa Shipley Anthropology  Dissertation Evoking Egypt? A Comparative Analysis of the Development and Utilization of Serapean Sacred Space
Gabriela de la Cruz Sanchez Linguistics Dissertation Toponyms and Identity
Paul Schuler School of Government & Public Policy Faculty Small Grant Faces of Nations: The Psychological Roots of Personality Cults
Matthew Lapierre Communication Faculty Small Grant Grandparents’ Mediation of Grandchildren’s Media Use
Kirssa Ryckman School of Government & Public Policy Faculty Small Grant Civilian Preference and the Goals Behind War-Related Protests
Erin Leahey Sociology Faculty Small Grant Toward a Fuller Explanation of Diversity in STEM: How Socio-Economic Status and Debt Influence Medical Specialization
Janet Nicol Linguistics Faculty Small Grant Effects of Gesture on Learning Words in a Foreign Language
Tyina Steptoe History Faculty Small Grant "Feel Like I Wanna Rock a While": Sex, Race, Rhythm and Blues
Reid Gomez Gender & Women Studies Faculty Small Grant Archival Residue of Leslie Marmon Silko’s Story Process in the writing of Almanac of the Dead
Rain Liu Communication Faculty Small Grant Moving Toward an Integrated Persuasive Communication on Pro-environmental Behaviors: The Effectiveness of Persuasive Normative Messages in Reducing Plastic Bag Usage
Fabio Lanza History Faculty Small Grant Bridge to Heaven: The Urban Commune Movement in Beijing
David Pietz History Faculty Small Grant Death and Life on the Yangtze River
Stacey Tecot Anthropology Faculty Small Grant Male lemurs hormonally respond to their mate's pregnancy and care for infants
Jennifer Stevens Aubrey Communication Faculty Small Grant Adolescent Sexting and Sexualization: Bringing Gender into Focus
Brian Mayer Sociology Faculty Small Grant Culture and Cancer Risk Reduction in the Fire Service
Jennifer Jenkins English / Southwest Center Research Professorship Screening Americans: Cinema and Citizenship at Arizona Internment Camps and Los Alamos, 1942-46
David Gibbs History Research Professorship Revolt of the Rich: How the Politics of the 1970s Widened America's Class Divide
Linda Green


Research Professorship Betwixt and Between: A Comparative Study of Guatemalan Mayan women ( among those who have received aslyum in the US and those who have been deported to Guatemala)
Jessica Maves Braithwaite  School of Government & Public Policy Research Professorship The Anatomy of Resistance Campaigns