• Confluencenter grant recipient Arica Crootof (Geography), works in Nepal exploring digital tools to communicate human-environment research with diverse audiences. (Photo Credit: Crootof)

  • Dr. Susan Swanberg (Journalism), Udall Center Fellow, 2017-2018, studies the role of science journalism in the early Atomic Age. She will work with three World War II-era journalists on how they shaped public understanding of science and the public's trust in the reporting. Images and credit, left to right: John Hersey (Library of Congress Carl Van Vechten collection), Marjorie Van de Water (Smithsonian), and  William L. Laurence with Maj. George Monyhan (Air Force).

  • Danielle Blalock Barefoot (History), recipient of a 2017-2018 Fulbright Research Grant, is developing a history of Chilean university student activism during the Cold War. She examines continuity and change in how universities served as political spaces under two democratically elected presidents and the Pinochet regime.

  • Sydney Pullen (Anthropology), recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, studies alternative education models. She will be examining how Cuba has a strong education system despite limited financial resources and the ways that might change as relationship between the United States and Cuba shifts. (Image: Wikimedia)

  • SBSRI Research Professorship grant recipient Dr. Azaz (MENAS) examines the emergence of linguistic complexity in Arabic. This grant will be used to develop a task-based approach to help Arabic learners build linguistic complexity - both lexical and syntactic- at the discourse level (Images: Azaz).

  • Congratulations, SBSRI grant recipient Erana Loveless (Anthropology). With this grant, fire scar samples will be shipped from near Banff National Park in Canada to the University of Arizona's Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research for analysis. Pictured here are Erana Loveless, project PI, and collaborator M-P Rogeau examining a charred forest near the study area. 

  • Sophia Layser Borgias (Geography), SBSRI pre-doctoral grant recipient, is researching water rights disputes in the Owens Valley of California, where the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has owned and managed the majority of land and water resources for more than a century. (Photo credit: Borgias)

  • Congratulations to Vicki Moses (Anthropology), who received the Wenner-Gren Dissertation Fieldwork Grant for her research "The Zooarchaeology of Early Rome: Meat Consumption in Public and Private Spaces." Her research uses animal bones from archaeological sites to investigate urbanization and diet in Rome's formative period. (Image: Moses)

  • Ruth Oropeza (History), a 2017-2018 Fulbright recipient, is writing her dissertation on the impact that disease and epidemics had on the Spanish state in the nineteenth century. Beginning with the devastating cholera pandemic of the 1830s, this project seeks to explore how the constant threat of disease allows the state to begin regulating all aspects of Spanish life. (Images: Madrid and Granada, Oropeza)

  • SBSRI pre-doctoral grant recipient Surabhi Karambelkar (Geography), works on hydropower generation on the Colorado River. Her research examines the legal and policy institutions that govern dam operations, the conflicts that arise from managing them, and the consequences of changing their operations. (Photo Credit: Karambelkar)

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