• Planning on international research? Meet with Fulbright representatives and past awardees during Fulbright Week events, April 1-5, 2019. For a full schedule, click here.

  • Cancer is now the leading cause of death among active-duty firefighters. Brian Mayer (Sociology) received an SBSRI Faculty Small Grant for his work studying how firefighter culture influences the adoption of new practices to reduce cancer risks such as cleaning off residue from smoke and soot after a fire. (Photo Credit: Captain John Gulotta, Tucson Fire Department)

  • Laurel Schenkoske (Second Language Acquisition & Teaching) received an SBSRI Dissertation Research Grant to support her experimental studies of Chinese speakers’ comprehension of English sentences. It will take into account a speaker’s implicit knowledge of the language, including syntactic rules and frequent patterns, and consider this data against the backdrop of existing research on native English speakers. (Photo Credit: Clipartmax)

  • James Webber (Anthropology) is an awardee of an SBSRI Dissertation Grant for his project "To run or carry: Derived locomotor skeletal traits in early homo."  His research looks at skeletal traits which appear to be specifically for long distance running. He is exploring whether these unique skeletal traits and carrying behaviors such as infant or food transport are linked. (Photo Credit: Webber)

  • Congratulations to Chris Lukinbeal (Geography) for his SBSRI Faculty Small Grant that will be Mapping the Sonoran Western through the formation of the Old Tucson Landscape from 1940-1990. (Photo Credits: Lukinbeal)

  • Megan Mills-Novoa (Geography) was awarded an SBSRI Dissertation Grant for her research examining the long-term impacts of internationally-funded climate change adaptation projects in the Ecuadorian Andes, informing the design, implementation, and evaluation of adaptation projects that effectively respond to the escalating impacts of climate change. (Photo Credit: Mills-Nova)

  • Elizabeth Eklund (Anthropology) received an SBSRI Dissertation Grant for her research studying the canal system in Banámichi, Sonora, including both the contemporary and traditional management of water and how its use fits into how members of the community describe history and changes in the land. (Photo Credits: Eklund)

  • Sophia Layser Borgias (Geography and Development) has been awarded an SBSRI Dissertation Grant to support her research on water issues in Owens Valley, CA, where the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power owns 95% of the land and water rights and transfers water more than 300 miles south to the city by way of the Los Angeles Aqueduct system. (Photo credit: Borgias)

  • Alexander Kinney (Sociology) is the recipient of an SBSRI Dissertation Research Grant for his project titled "The Green Rush: Relational Pragmatics and Institution Work in the Transitioning Cannabis Industry Field.” This mixed-methods project explores the dynamics of the cannabis industry as it transitions into a fully regulated commercial market. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

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