• Joy Liu (GIDP-Arid Lands Resource Sciences) received an SBSRI Dissertation Grant for her work on collaborative governance reforestation in rural Shanxi, China. (Image: Joy Yu-Rong Liu)

  • The MAP Dashboard published a white paper by Laura Bakkensen and Riana Johnson (Government & Public Policy) on the economic risks of extreme weather which explores both opportunities and innovative solutions. (Image: Pete Gregoire, NOAA Photo Library)

  • Chelsie Akers (Communication) received an SBSRI Dissertation Grant for her work on how children relate to, and learn from, characters in educational mobile gaming apps. (Image: Isaacson, for the Smithsonian).

  • Congratulation to Andrea K. Gerlak (Geography) and Anita Milman (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) who recently received a grant from the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) to host a series of international workshops to better understand the connection between science and policy in transboundary river basins. (Image: Danube at the Iron Gates, between Romania and Serbia, Wikimedia)

  • Melissa Burham (Anthropology) received an SBSRI Dissertation Grant to study reservoirs at the lowland Maya site of Ceibal, Guatemala. This is a major component of her research on neighborhood organization in ancient Maya cities. (Image by Takeshi Inomata)

  • Vicki Moses (Anthropology) received an SBSRI Dissertation Grant to collect data on animal sacrifice and meat consumption at the ancient Etruscan site of Veii, Italy. (Image credit: Moses).

  • Professor Cristina Ramirez (English) recieved an SBSRI research professorship for research that will weave together the stories of her grandmother, together with her own contemporary reflections on literacy, writing, images (such as murals), and identity construction in historic barrio Chihuahuita, in El Paso, TX (image credit: Dr. Ramirez).

  • Christine Filer (Communication), an SBSRI Dissertation Research Grant recipient, is researching how individuals evaluate the character traits of political candidates (Photo credit: Wokandapix).

  • Professor Francisco Galarte (GWS) received an SBSRI research professorship for the case study of transgender activist and historian, Lou Sullivan. (Archive photo:  Louis Graydon Sullivan Papers, 91-7, The Gay and Lesbian Historical Society of Northern California).

  • SBSRI pre-doctoral grant recipient Kelsey Hanson (Anthropology) is researching techniques to extract acorn oil and exploring acorn oil's potential link to ceramic technology in the Upper Great Lakes region (Image: Arthur Haines).

Welcome! SBSRI promotes research in the social and behavioral sciences through outreach to SBS faculty and students, through support for your interest in external funding opportunities, and through grants for research within the SBS community. SBSRI small grants are supported by the Senior Vice President for Research.



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