Proposal Submission

SBS Proposal Submission Process & Timeline

Last updated April 15, 2024 

To enable effective support for timely proposal submissions, SBS has established the following timeline for researchers to work with business center and SBSRI staff. If staff are given less notice, there is no guarantee that the proposal will be submitted. 


Required Timeline for Proposal Support (Minimum Days* Before Deadline) 


External Opportunities  

Internal Opportunities 


PI notifies SBS business center and SBSRI of intent to submit. 

20 business days 

15 business days 


PI provides finalized materials for routing/ approval to SBS business center. 

8 business days 

3 business days  


PI, unit(s), and college(s) have approved the UAccess Research (UAR) proposal and it is pending with SPS. 

3 business days 



(If relevant) PI releases finalized electronic submission package to SPS. 

3 business days 




  • Business day timeline: The sponsor deadline is day zero. Materials are due for each step full business days in advance, i.e. by 8am on the indicated day.  

  • PI = Principal Investigator (sometimes called Project Director or Lead Researcher). 

  • SPS = Sponsored Projects Services. 

  • External opportunities: Grants, contracts, and fellowships from sponsors outside UA. 

  • Internal opportunities: Grant or fellowship opportunities from UA entities that require a budget or institutional approval, e.g. by a business officer, unit head/director, or dean. (Note: SBSRI notification is not required for departmental competitions or most graduate student awards, e.g. from GPSC).  



* These are minimum timelines needed for timely proposal support. More notice is always preferred: initiate support requests at least 2 months in advance when possible. Extra time may be required for complex proposals, e.g. those involving institutional commitments or letters, multiple institutions with subawards, international sponsors, or contract terms and conditions.  


This timeline applies to SBS PIs. SBS collaborators on proposals led by other colleges should notify the business center and SBSRI as early as possible so that we can align processes.    


SBSRI provides additional proposal development services upon request, such as proposal strategy consultations and content review; please "SBSRI Support Services, Deadlines, and Processes" menu below for more details.  


Guidance on Steps for External Proposal Submission  

The SBS Business Team works with applicants on developing responsive budgets and budget justifications, as well as submitting research budget proposals through UAccess Research (UAR) for internal university approval prior to funding sponsor's deadline. You must work with your unit's Business Manager to complete these mandatory pre-award tasks. See drop-down items below for a step-by-step guideline. 

Note: Process will be simplified for internal proposals, depending on requirements. 


The PI should email both their Business Center and SBSRI ( about their intent to submit a proposal. The message should include at a minimum:  

  • The sponsor deadline.  

  • Solicitation materials (link or attachment). This may be referred to as call or request for proposals (CFP/RFP); notice of opportunity (NOO), etc.  

  • If known: The identities and roles of project collaborators (e.g. co-I’s, key personnel). 

Within 5 business days of notification: 

  • Business center staff will follow up with the PI to schedule time to work together to develop the budget and UAR materials. 

  • SBSRI staff will review the solicitation to identify additional nonbudgetary requirements (e.g. limited submission, letters, nonfinancial terms) and will follow up with PI and business center to provide guidance or confirm there are no additional requirements.  


The researcher must provide the business center with the following information in final form for required routing in UAccess Research (UAR), the university’s internal approval system. 

  • Project title 

  • Project start and end dates  

  • Project abstract/summary  

  • Budget and budget justification 

  • Final documents for any subawards 

  • PI/Co-I distribution of credit and F&A 

  • Any other documents requiring organizational review or signature. 


Within 3 business days of receipt of finalized routing materials: 

  • Business center will generate the UAR and initiate electronic routing for review and approval by PI, unit, and college approver(s).  

  • Business center and PI will track UAR progress and address any needed revisions.  

MINIMUM 3 BUSINESS DAYS NOTICE (see also, Sponsored Projects Services' Three-Day Deadline)
  • The UAR must be pending Sponsored Project Review. This means the UAR has been routed and approved through all prior levels: PIs/co-Is, units/departments, and colleges.  

  • (If relevant) Electronic proposal submission packages (,, etc.) must be released in final form to sponsored projects.