External Proposal Submission FAQs 

Proposals that require a budget and budget justification, letters of commitment or cost sharing, and/or a signature from the institution's AOR (Authorized Organization Representative)/ SPO (Sponsored Projects Office) must be routed internally for university approval prior to submission. In order to gain approval, your Business Manager will submit your budget and other necessary application components to the UAccess Research (UAR) system where it will be routed for review and approval to: 1) Principal Investigator(s)/ Co-PIs/ senior personnel, 2) unit/ department heads, 3) college-level offices, and 4) Sponsored Projects Services/ Contracts Office. Once final approval is secured, you will be permitted to submit your final and approved proposal to Sponsored Projects Services (see drop-down item below) for submission to the funding sponsor. 

After your final proposal has received approval in UAccess Research (UAR), you will submit the entire proposal package to Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) Preaward Team. SPS acts as the UA's final approver on the submission of funding proposals. SPS will review applications for compliance with the funder's solicitation and UA policies.  In most instances, SPS will sign and authorize your proposal, prior to submitting your proposal to the funding sponsor. 

SPS requires that all applications follow their three-day deadline rule:
The SPS policy states the following:

  • All proposals, routed UAR proposals and electronic submission, should be submitted to SPS in final form* 3 full business days prior to the funding-agency deadline (8am the day it is due to SPS).
  • Requests for Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Cost waivers submitted to SPS with the attached signed form require, at minimum, 5 business days prior to the proposal agency deadline for paper proposals, 8 business days for electronic submissions.
  • Terms and conditions that need to be reviewed by the Office of Research Contracts (ORC) or documents that require ORC signature require between 7 - 10 business days for review and/or negotiation.

Note that you may be submitting for a limited competition. Limited submissions are funding opportunities where the funder has limited the number of applications from an organization. Selected proposals will need to follow UArizona proposal submission procedures. Some proposals to private foundations require submission and coordination through the University of Arizona Foundation. Download the current UArizona Limited Submission Process (PDF) for full details on the process.

For more information, visit the University of Arizona's Research, Innovation & Impact's Institutional Information and Eligibility for Investigators and Directors.