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Former CIA agent takes his experience to the School of Government and Public Policy

The School of Government and Public Policy's Dr. John Tidd is a former intelligence analyst at the CIA. Although he currently teaches courses on US intelligence history, the current US... Read More

Looking into to southern Arizona's past with the Nuestra Tierra Project

The craft of the historian is based on documents and eye witness accounts of past events. Often, however, extant documents focus on limited facets of society. Accordingly, many communities and... Read More

Sponsored Projects enforcing 3-day proposal deadlines

The University of Arizona's 3-day proposal deadline for submission of all funding proposals is being strictly enforced. The policy was implemented to address the additional work required to ensure... Read More

NSF new grant submission rules now in effect

The National Science Foundation has made changes in its submission process that affect grant proposals turned in on or after January 14. Please read this... Read More

VPR announces seminar on Export Control Regulations and Compliance

The seminar will be presented twice on Thursday, January 17: 9:30-10:30 am in the Tucson Room at the Student Union, and 3:30-4:30 pm in Optical Sciences, Room 408.... Read More

UA Foundation Travel Fellowship, with a maximum allowance of $5000, due February 1

The George H Davis fellowship supports promising tenure-track faculty members in any field in becoming more widely recognized and closely connected with colleagues, nationally and internationally... Read More

UA joining Mellon-CES for European Studies, with fellowships due February 2013

The University of Arizona Graduate College is joining the Council for European Studies, opening up opportunities for funding including conference travel, dissertation support and fellowships.... Read More

Adapting Arabic Online

A conversation with Dr. Sonia Shiri of the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MENAS), by Brandon T. Bishop, Student Science Journalist

Students of Arabic need to... Read More

Excavating a Birthplace of Zeus

A conversation with Dr. David Gilman Romano of the School of Anthropology by Jose Serrano, Student Science Journalist

Each summer since 2004, Dr. David Gilman Romano has hiked up a... Read More

SBSRI Announces Fall 2012 Grant Recipients!

SBSRI recently held it’s Fall 2012 grant competition which provided an exciting glimpse of the breadth of research pursued by faculty and students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences... Read More


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