SUSPENDED - Haury Program updates: New funding and upcoming grant writing workshops

The Haury program is suspending the Spring 2020 Call for Proposals for all categories and the in-progress Challenge Grant Selection. See their full post on the updates below:

"Our rationale is this:  COVID-19 today remains a threat of unknown scope and duration.  To combat it effectively tomorrow will require accurate information, creativity, collaboration, strategic thinking, and human and economic resources that can be deployed nimbly and intelligently.  We thus are suspending some of our work now, in order to better respond to the greatest needs as these unfold before us.

To our awardees with work in progress, know this:  your health and safety, and that of the communities you serve, are paramount. Given the collaborative nature of your funded projects, we understand much, or all of your work may have to be suspended or substantially modified. Over the next few weeks, we will be contacting you via email to see how we can assist in this reassessment.
In the days ahead, the Haury Program will continue to emphasize building community and supporting each other. Nancy Petersen, Program Manager, and Hiram Peña, Project Coordinator are working remotely and stand ready to assist you. We both are available as always through email, phone and zoom meetings. 
We will provide further updates when these are available. Please also check our website or join our listserv by emailing:
Thank you for your dedication, resilience, leadership, and compassion. As always, you are the heroes in the stories we tell.
The Agnese Nelms Haury Program in Environment and Social Justice"

Original Spring Call information:

In addition to administering the Seed Grants and Faculty Fellowships competitions, the Haury Program is launching the inaugural Graduate and Undergraduate Student Program award. These new awards support student success by directing resources to underserved/underrepresented students at UArizona or by providing programming in areas to strengthen their education. Teams of students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to apply. 

Please note that the Haury Program has recently updated and revised their calls for proposals and associated guidelines and required documentation. There are two upcoming workshops to learn more. The first, Haury’s General RFP discussion meeting, is scheduled for March 19th for will provide a overview of all of their grant comptetions. The second, Tools for Project Success, will take place on April 2nd and will focus on how to write a successful grant for Haury. For more information for the workshops and funding mechanisms click here.

All proposals for the upcoming round are due by 5:00 p.m., May 1, 2020.

For additional information please see

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