• Linda Lumsden (Journalism) received an SBSRI Faculty Small Grant to support her research on the Sierra Club at the Bancroft Library at the University of California at Berkeley. Her work focuses on how the club has been since its inception both a trailblazer for environmentalism and media for social movement. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

  • Sarah Launius (Geography and Development) received a SBSRI Dissertation Research Grant for her research focused on the uneven socio-political impacts of modern streetcars as an urban redevelopment tool. (Image: Wikimedia commons).

  • Adam King (Linguistics) was the recipient of a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation for his work on the Mayan language K'iche', spoken in central Guatemala, and will be researching corpora building to preserve dialectal differences in the language. (Image: Christopher Crouzet

  • Ali Atabey (History) received an SBSRI Dissertation Research grant for his research on relations between Europe and the Ottoman Empire in the early modern era, specifically cross-cultural and cross-religious interactions between local Ottoman subjects and Europeans in seventeenth century Istanbul. (Image: A. Atabey, Wikimedia Commons)

  • Brian Silverstein (Anthropology) received an SBSRI Faculty Small Grant for his research on how Turkey's attempts to reform agriculture statistics in line with EU entry negotiations are impacting agricultural practices and social relations. (Image: B. Silverstein)  

  • Franck

    Brittany Franck (Anthropology) received an SBSRI Pre-doctoral Grant for her research on women's experiences with obstetric fistula, a disabling childbirth injury in Ethiopia, focusing on rehabilitation and social integration.

  • Saleh Ahmed received an SBSRI Pre-doctoral Research Grant to support his work on the implications of climate services for improving adaptation decision-making and community resilience in southwest Bangladesh. (Image: S. Ahmed)

  • Amy Schott (Anthropology) received an SBSRI Dissertation Research Grant for her work on the prehistoric use of eolian (wind-formed) landscapes in Northern Arizona. (Image: Wikimedia Commons / A. Schott)

  • Dr. Scott Lucas (Assoc. Professor, MENAS) received an SBSRI Research Professorship to write a book on how 10th century Muslim scholar al-Tabari interpreted the legal verses of the Qur'an. (Image: Wikimedia Commons).

  • Maureen Hoffmann (Anthropology & Linguistics) received an SBSRI Dissertation Research Grant for her research with Burmese refugees in the U.S. that investigates language use and youth identity, as well as documentation of the languages they speak. (Image: M. Hoffmann)

Welcome! SBSRI promotes research in the social and behavioral sciences through outreach to SBS faculty and students, through support for your interest in external funding opportunities, and through grants for research within the SBS community. SBSRI small grants are supported by the Senior Vice President for Research.



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The UA FY 2015-2016 ERE rate proposal has been approved by the federal cognizant agency, Cost Allocation Services.  These rates may now be used for grant and contract proposals. The DHHS Rate Agreement date is June 16, 2015.  To access the new rates, click... read more

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