Support for large grant submissions

Planning and timing is critical for faculty who are preparing grants above $500K. If deadlines for such grants are at the end of a semester, the course buy-out described below may apply to that semester. If deadlines are at the beginning of the following semester, the course buy-out would apply to the preceding semester.

A new mechanism to support grant-writing faculty is a course buy-out that comes attached to SBSRI staff. That is, staff will work very closely with the PI over the whole semester (e.g., helping select funding opportunities that come to $500K or more, developing a schedule for the semester with several deadlines, meeting regularly to workshop proposal components, helping coordinate contributions across units). So, this mechanism is for faculty who are on campus during the buy-out semester.

If you're interested in this opportunity, email SBSRI the specific funding mechanism(s) you're aiming for and deadline/target dates. A brief outline, including a budget sketch, may also be required.

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