Fall 2018 Research Methods Courses in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

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AIS 448—Producing and Assessing Social Research with Indian Communities

            62736              Staff                            TuTh 8:00AM–9:45AM

AIS 697A—College Teaching Methods

            25973              Amy Fatzinger             TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM



ANTH 304—Introduction to Archaeological Fieldwork

65689              David Romano             MoWe 3:00PM–4:15PM

ANTH 468/568—Human Osteology

53712/53713  James Watson                        We 12:30PM–3:00PM

65794/65799  James Watson                        Fr 1:00PM–2:00PM

ANTH 571A— Ethnography in Clinical & Community Contexts

            67035              Eric Plemons               Mo 3:00PM–5:30PM



COMM 228—Introduction to Research Methods in Communication

            29875              James Harwood          MoWe 1:00PM–1:50PM and discussion section

COMM 561—Research Methodologies I

            56368              Kate Kenski                 TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM



ENGL 215—Elements of Craft in Creative Writing

59705              Joshua Wilson             Online

ENGL 313—Introduction to Professional & Technical Writing

            62840              Dana Gierdowski        Online

ENGL 340—Topics in Professional & Technical Writing

            61635              Cristina Ramirez         TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM

ENGL 380—Literary Analysis

            31450              Manya Lempert          MoWe 4:30PM–5:45PM

31451              Johanna Skibsrud        TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM

56323              Lauren Mason             TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM

            56356              John Hurh                    TuTh 9:30AM–10:45AM

            64890              Tenney Nathanson      Online

ENGL 389—Introduction to Publishing

            54313              Stephanie Pearmain   TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM

ENGL 401Advanced Creative Writing Nonfiction Writing

            31454              Christopher Cokinos    We 3:15PM–5:45PM

ENGL 404Advanced Fiction Writing

            31455              Staff                            Mo 12:30PM–3:00PM

            56968              Aurelie Sheehan         Tu 3:15PM–6:00PM

ENGL 455Teaching English as a Second Language

            53242              Christine Tardy            TuTh 9:30AM - 10:45AM

ENGL 494P—Portfolios in Professional and Technical Writing 

            65142              Staff                           Online

ENGL 501Advanced Creative Writing Nonfiction Writing

            31465              Christopher Cokinos    Mo 3:15PM–5:45PM

ENGL 555Introduction to Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language

            53865              Hayriye Kayi-Aydar      Tu 4:00PM–6:30PM

ENGL 595AProfessional Studies

            60313 / 60314 Tenney Nathanson      We 12:00PM–12:50PM

            31471              Damian Baca              We 1:00PM–2:30PM

            57843              Ander Monson Fr 10:00AM–10:50AM

            64143              Farid Matuk                We 1:00PM–1:50PM

ENGL 596JSecond Language Acquisition Research

            64149              Shelley Staples           Tu 12:30PM–3:00PM

ENGL 596OTopics in Second Language Teaching

            53339              Dwight Atkinson         We 6:00PM–8:30PM

            56235              Shelley Staples           Th 12:30PM–3:00PM

            64145              Jonathon Reinhardt    We 3:30PM–6:00PM

            64146              Dwight Atkinson         Mo 6:00PM–8:30PM

ENGL 596YTopics in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

            42030              Beatrice Dupuy           Fr 9:00AM–10:50AM

ENGL 597R Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition

            62609              Susan Miller-Cochran Mo 9:30AM–12:00PM



GEOG 222—Working with Numeric, Spatial, and Visual Data:

Fundamental Geographic Techniques

            53161              Keiron Bailey               TuTh 3:30PM–4:45PM

GEOG 330Introduction to Remote Sensing

            41902              Staff                            TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM (plus lab)

GEOG 357—Geographical Research Methods

            31981              Elizabeth Oglesby       TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM

GEOG 403/503—Applications of Geographic Information Systems

            51963/51969  D. Guertin                   MoWe 8:00AM–8:50AM (plus lab)

GEOG 416F/516F—GIS for the Social Sciences

            52046/52047  Gary Christopherson   Mo 1:00PM-2:50PM (plus lab section)

GEOG 417/517—Geographic Information Systems for Natural and Social Sciences

            42194/42204  Craig Wissler,             MoWe 11:00AM–11:50AM (plus lab)

                                    Gary Christopherson

GEOG 473/573—Spatial Analysis and Modeling

51750/51755  D. Guertin                   WeFr 12:00PM–12:50PM (plus lab)

GEOG 490/590—Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth

            53516/48892  W. Van Leeuwem       TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM

GEOG 497F/590— Community and School Garden Workshop       

56868/45448  Sallie Marston            Mo 5:00PM–6:30PM

GEOG 695B—Preparing Future Faculty in Geography: Professional Development

            57264              Connie Woodhouse     Fr 1:00PM–3:30PM



HIST 301—Introduction to the Study of History

            47516              Steven Johnstone        TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM

HIST 695K—Historiography

            32576              Susan Crane                Tu 2:00PM–4:30PM



INFO 601Intro to Geographic Information Systems & Tech I

            63694              Christopher Lukinbeal TBA



JOUR 203—Photojournalism

            32865              Kim Newton                MoWe 3:00PM–3:50PM (plus lab)

JOUR 205Reporting the News

            32869              Linda Lumsden            TuTh 1:00PM–2:50PM

            32870              Linda Lumsden            TuTh 3:00PM–4:50PM

            46437              Fred Brock                   MoWe 1:00PM–2:50PM

JOUR 306Advanced Reporting

            40034              Margaret Zanger        TuTh 1:00PM–2:50PM

40035              William Schmidt         MoTuWeTh 9:00AM–10:15AM

            53644              Margaret Zanger        TuTh 11:00AM–12:50PM

JOUR 308Sports Journalism

            52111              Shannon Conner          TuTh 5:00PM–6:15PM

JOUR 313Reporting Public Affairs

            32890              Susan Knight               TuTh 9:00AM–10:50AM

            32891              David Cuillier               TuTh 2:00PM–3:50PM

            53027              John Ferguson             TuTh 5:00PM–6:50PM

JOUR 479Professional Project

            47943              Michael McKisson       MoWe 3:00PM–4:15PM

JOUR 506—Introductory and Advanced Reporting

            40032              Carol Schwalbe           MoWe 1:00PM–2:50PM

JOUR 508—Journalism Theory and Practice

            42491              Jeannine Relly             Tu 2:00PM–4:30PM



LIS 506—Research Methods for Library and Information Professionals

            55224              Yvonne Mery               Online

LIS 586—Learning Design for Librarians and Other Information Professionals

            65812              Staff                            Online



POL 610—Theory and Methods for the Analysis of Political Networks

            65062              Adam Henry                Mo 12:30PM-3:30PM 

POL 680—Research Design

            36570              Anne Boustead           Mo 3:00PM-5:30PM

POL 681—Quantitative Methodology I

            45103              Chad Westerland        MoWe 10:00AM–11:15AM

POL 681—Quantitative Methodology III

            65069              Christopher Weber     TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM

POL 697B—Professional Norms & Teaching

            60122              Alex Braithwaite         Fr 11:00AM–1:00PM



PA 552—Statistical Decision Making

43063              Kirssa Ryckman           We 5:30PM–8:00PM

PA 553—Quantitative Policy Analysis I

52195              Laura Bakkensen         Tu 5:30PM–8:00PM

PA 554—Quantitative Policy Analysis II

56220              Anne Boustead           We 5:30PM–8:00PM

PA 620A—Collaborative Governance in Theory, Practice and Research

            55214              Karen Siderelis            Online



SBS 197A—Skills for Success in the Social Sciences 

            62573              Allison Ewing-Cooper Mo 4:00PM–4:50PM

            65979              Staff                            Mo 5:00PM–5:50PM

SBS 200—Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

            46322              Suzanne Delaney        MoWeFr 10:00AM–10:50AM (plus lab sections)



SOC 374—Social Research Methods                              

            38038              Staff                            MoWeFr 11:00AM–11:50AM

SOC 375—Quantitative Reasoning in Sociology

            38037              Ronald Breiger                        TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM

            48374              James Shockey            MoWeFr 11:00AM–11: 50AM

SOC 471—Qualitative Research Methods for Sociological Analysis 

            65434              Franziska Frank           TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM

SOC 570A—Social Statistics I

51304              James Shockey, Staff  MoWe 2:00PM–4:30PM; Tu 3:30PM–4:30PM

SOC 595B—Graduate Training: Research Presentations

45364              Joseph Galaskiewicz   Fr 10:00AM–10:50AM

SOC 696D—Research Process Seminar

46306              Joseph Galaskiewicz   Th 3:30PM–6:00PM



ANTH/GEOG 439A/539A—Introduction to Dendrochronology

ANTH 52034/42226    David Frank and          TuTh 9:30AM–10:45AM; Tu 2:00PM-5:00PM

GEOG 52035/42230   Malcolm Hughes        


ANTH/MENA 474/574—Archaeometry: Scientific Methods in Art and Archaeology

ANTH   56230/56231  David Killick                 MoWeFr 9:00AM–9:50AM

MENA  56793/56795


ENGL/IRLS 596K— Methods and Materials of Literary Research

ENGL   64326              Scott Selisker              Tu 3:30PM-6:00PM

IRLS     61155


INFO/LIS 520—Ethics for Library and Information Professionals

INFO    61126              Kristy Mathiesen         Online

LIS       60447


INFO/LIS 567—Leadership and the Information Organization

INFO    57059              Carla Stoffle                Tu 6:10PM-8:40PM    

LIS       56462


INFO/LIS 570—Database Management and Development

INFO    57060              Bruce Fulton               Online

LIS       65808


INFO/LIS 475/575User Interface and Website Design

INFO    (n/a) /65810 Martin Fricke              Online

LIS       65806/65808


LAS/MAS 341—Translation and Interpretation: Social Justice and Practice

LAS     42095              Alejandra Torres                     TuTh 3:30PM–4:45PM

MAS    42092

LAS     42097              Alejandra Torres                     TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM

MAS    42092


JOUR/LAS 473/573—Reporting in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

JOUR   52041/52106  Celeste Gonzalez        MoWe 12:30PM–2:00PM

LAS      52040/52107 


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