Fall 2017 Research Methods Courses in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

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AIS 697A—College Teaching Methods

            25994              Amy Fatzinger            TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM



ANTH 333—Introduction to Archaeological Analysis

           66109              Suzanne Eckert           MoWeFr 1:00PM–1:50PM

ANTH 407—Ethnographic Field Methods

           63992              Mimi Nichter               We 3:00PM–5:30PM  

ANTH 468/568—Human Osteology

           55674/55675   James Watson            Mo 3:00PM–5:30PM

ANTH 472/572—Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy: Laboratory Methods

           64023/64024   Matthew Rowe            TuTh 4:30PM–5:45PM

ANTH 495B/595B—Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology

            64031/64032   Linda Green                 Mo 9:00AM–11:30AM

ANTH 496F/596F— Ceramic Analysis

            64088/64089   Daniela Triadan          We 3:00PM–5:30PM

ANTH 539A—Introduction to Dendrochronology

            43109              Hughes & Trouet         TuTh 9:30AM-10:45AM

ANTH 605—Qualitative Research Methods and Proposal Writing

            58887              Mimi Nichter               Mo 3:30PM–6:00PM

ANTH 678—Ethnographic Discourse Analysis

            64036              Jennifer Roth Gordon We 10:00AM–12:30PM



COMM 228—Introduction to Research Methods in Communication

            30053              Joseph Bonito              MoWe 11:00AM–11:50AM and discussion section

COMM 561—Research Methodologies I

            59136              Kate Kenski                  TuTh 9:30AM–10:45AM

COMM 640—Research Methodologies III

            63926              Margaret Pitts             Tu 3:30PM–6:00PM



ECON 339—Economic Statistics

            43339              Tauhidur Rahman       TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM 

ECON 418/518—Introduction to Econometrics

            31423/50137   Staff                             MoWe 9:30AM–10:45AM

ECON 453—Data Analytics and Modeling: Quantitative Analysis for Economic Strategy

            52345              Alexandre Sugiyama   TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM

ECON 520—Theory of Quantitative Methods in Economics

            31440              Staff                             MoWe 12:30PM–1:15PM

ECON 522B—Econometrics

            31441              Gary Solon                   MoWe 11:00AM–12:45PM

ECON 597C—Teaching Methods in Economics

            31446              John Drabicki                 Fr 8:30AM–9:20AM

ECON 697B—Applied Economic Analysis

            31450              Jessamyn Schaller       TuTh 3:30PM–5:00PM



ENGL 215—Elements of Craft in Creative Writing

            50106              Julie Iromuanya           MoWe 3:30PM–4:45PM

            63473              Joshua Wilson             Online

ENGL 313—Introduction to Professional & Technical Writing

            53525              Staff                             TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM

            64603              Staff                             Online

ENGL 340—Topics in Professional & Technical Writing

            55663              Brent Hendricks          MoWe 4:30PM–5:45PM

            65752              Staff                             TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM

ENGL 380—Literary Analysis

            31680              Roger Dahood               TuTh 9:30AM–10:45AM

            31681              Suresh Raval               TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM

            59020              Lauren Mason             TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM

            59100              Scott Selisker              MoWe 3:00PM–4:15PM

ENGL 389—Introduction to Publishing

            56515              Stephanie Pearmain   MoWe 3:00PM–4:15PM

ENGL 401Advanced Creative Writing Nonfiction Writing

            31684              John Johnson               Mo 3:30PM–6:00PM

ENGL 404Advanced Fiction Writing

            31685              Aurelie Sheehan          We 3:30PM–6:00PM

            60011              Manuel Munoz            Tu 3:30PM–6:00PM

ENGL 455Teaching English as a Second Language

            55112              Jonathon Reinhardt    TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM

ENGL 501Advanced Creative Writing Nonfiction Writing

            31696              Ander Monson            We 12:30PM–3:00PM

ENGL 555Teaching English as a Second Language

            55848              Hayriye Kayi-Aydar     Tu 3:30PM–6:00PM

ENGL 595AProfessional Studies

            642020/64203 Tenney Nathanson      We 12:00PM–12:50PM

            31704              Damian Baca               We 1:00PM–2:30PM

            61280              Ander Monson            Fr 10:00AM–10:50AM

ENGL 596JSecond Language Acquisition Research

            58056              Shelley Staples            Tu 12:30PM–3:00PM

ENGL 596OTopics in Second Language Teaching

            55215              Dwight Atkinson          Th 6:00PM–8:30PM

            58869              Christine Tardy            Th 12:30PM–3:00PM

ENGL 596YTopics in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

            42905              Beatrice Dupuy           Fr 9:00AM–10:50AM



GEOG 222—Working with Numeric, Spatial, and Visual Data: Fundamental Geographic Techniques

            55020              Keiron Bailey               TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM

GEOG 330Introduction to Remote Sensing

            42768              Staff                             TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM (plus lab)

GEOG 357—Geographical Research Methods

            32247              Staff                             TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM

GEOG 403/503—Applications of Geographic Information Systems

            53650/53656   D. Guertin                   MoWe 8:00AM–8:50AM (plus lab)

GEOG 416F/516F—GIS for the Social Sciences

            53756/53757   Gary Christopherson   Mo 1:00PM-2:50PM (plus lab section)

GEOG 417/517—Geographic Information Systems for Natural and Social Sciences

            43075/43085 Wissler & Christopherson       MoWe 11:00AM–11:50AM (plus lab)

GEOG 473/573—Spatial Analysis and Modeling

            53414/53419   D. Guertin                   MoWe 12:00PM–12:50PM (plus lab)

GEOG 490/590—Remote Sensing for the Study of Planet Earth

            55434/50299   W. Van Leeuwem        TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM



HIST 301—Introduction to the Study of History

            48834              Steven Johnstone       TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM

HIST 496H—Nature and Practice of History

            64109              Susan Crane              We 2:00PM–4:30PM

HIST 695K—Historiography

            32924              David Ortiz                Th 3:00PM–5:30PM



INFO 520—Ethics for Library and Information Professionals

            65164              Kristy Mathiesen       Online

INFO 567— Leadership and the Information Organization

            60163              Carla Stoffle            Tu 6:00PM-8:30PM

            65255              Robyn Huff-Eibl             Online



JOUR 203—Photojournalism

            33216              Kim Newton                 MoWe 3:00PM–3:50PM (plus lab)

JOUR 205Reporting the News

            33221              Susan Swanberg          TuTh 1:00PM–2:50PM

            33222              Susan Swanberg          TuTh 3:00PM–4:50PM

            47654              Fred Brock                   MoWe 1:00PM–2:50PM

JOUR 306Advanced Reporting

            40761              William Schmidt          TuTh 1:00PM–2:50PM

            40762              Terry Wimmer             TuTh 9:00AM–10:50AM

JOUR 308Sports Journalism

            53830              Shannon Conner         TuTh 5:00PM–6:15PM

JOUR 313Reporting Public Affairs

            33242              Susan Knight               TuTh 9:00AM–10:50AM

            33243              Michael Chihak           TuTh 2:00PM–3:50PM

            54843              John Ferguson             TuTh 5:00PM–6:50PM

JOUR 479Professional Project

            49273              Michael McKisson       MoWe 3:00PM–4:15PM

JOUR 506—Introductory and Advanced Reporting

            40759              Carol Schwalbe           MoWe 1:00PM–2:50PM

JOUR 508—Journalism Theory and Practice

            43399              Jeannine Relly TuTh 11:00AM–12:15PM



LING 439/539—Statistical Natural Language Processing

            50169/50171   Mihai Surdeanu           TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM



POL 680—Research Design

            37139              Samara Klar                Tu 11:00AM-1:30PM

POL 681— Quantitative Methodology I

            46177              Chad Westerland        MoWe 10:00AM–11:15AM

POL 697A—Professional Norms & Teaching

            63981              Alex Braithwaite         Fr 11:00AM–1:00PM



PA 552—Statistical Decision Making

            44007              Adam Henry                 We 5:30PM–8:00PM

PA 553—Quantitative Policy Analysis I

            53923              Todd Neumann             Tu 5:30PM–8:00PM

PA 554—Quantitative Policy Analysis II

            58837              Staff                                  We 5:30PM–8:00PM



SBS 200— Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

            47535              Suzanne Delaney       MoWeFr 10:00AM–10:50AM (plus lab sections)



SOC 374—Social Research Methods                             

            38635              Erin Leahey                MoWeFr 11:00AM–11:50AM

            38636              Erin Leahey                MoWeFr 2:00PM–2:50PM

SOC 375—Quantitative Reasoning in Sociology

            38634              Ronald Breiger         TuTh 9:30AM–10:45AM

            49735              Jeremy Fiel              TuTh 2:00PM–3:15PM

SOC 476— Research and Analysis of Health Data

            58702              Terrence Hill               We 3:00PM–5:30PM

SOC 570A—Social Statistics I

            52956              Christina Diaz, Staff         TuTh 9:30AM–10:45AM and Tu 6:15PM–7:15PM

SOC 576— Field and Observational Methods

            58787              Jeffrey Sallaz             MoWe 3:30PM–4:45PM

SOC 595B—Graduate Training: Research Presentations

            46473              Robin Stryker                Fr 3:00PM–3:50PM

SOC 596A—Advanced Topics in Research

            55168              Terrence Hill                Tu 3:30PM–6:00PM

SOC 696D—Research Process Seminar

            47512              Joseph Galaskiewicz       Th 3:30PM–6:00PM



ANTH/MENA 474/574—Archaeometry: Scientific Methods in Art and Archaeology

ANTH   58859/58860               David Killick                MoWeFr 11:00AM–11:50AM

MENA  59681/59683


ENGL/IRLS 596K— Methods and Materials of Literary Research

ENGL   64198              Scott Selisker           Tu 3:30PM-6:00PM

IRLS     65200


INFO/LIS 570 —Database Management and Development

INFO    60164              Bruce Fulton                 Online

LIS        57506


INFO/LIS 575User Interface and Website Design

INFO    60166/             TBA                              Online

LIS        57500


LAS/MAS 341—Translation and Interpretation: Social Justice and Practice

LAS/MAS         42971/42968   Staff                 TuTh 3:30PM–4:45PM

LAS/MAS         42973/42969   Staff                 TuTh 12:30PM–1:45PM


JOUR/LAS 473/573—Reporting in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

JOUR   53743/53825   Celeste Gonzalez         MoWe 12:30PM–2:00PM

LAS      53742/53826  


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