Science Journalism student articles to be featured by SBSRI

By Diane Daly

SBSRI is partnering with Journalism's Professor Carol Schwalbe for the Fall 2012 semester. Students in Professor Schwalbe's JOUR 472 and 572 courses will be writing original articles about science here at the U of Arizona and interviewing researchers in disciplines including SBS. These articles will be posted on our homepage throughout the semester with the keywords Science Journalism student article.

The partnership came about as Beth Stahmer, SBSRI's Research Support Manager, worked with Schwalbe on her proposals for internal and external grant support. SBSRI's website includes brief notices about SBS research, and as Stahmer learned about Schwalbe's work, she saw a potential connection. We hope this partnership gives SBSRI new and varied stories and gives Schwalbe's students a public venue for their work.

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09/10/2012 - 11:09

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