New NSF Policies and Procedures affect Data Management reporting

There is a new National Science Foundation Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide, effective January, 2013 with new information regarding Data Management Plan requirements. Click here to access the guide.

Note: all proposals must contain a "Data Management Plan" to be submitted as a supplementary document of up to 2 pages See: Ch. II, Sec. C.2.j, in the 2013 Grant Proposal Guide.

General guidance: Your Data Management Plan should in some way address the following questions: What kinds of data, software, and other materials will your research produce? How will you manage them (e.g., standards for metadata, format, organization, etc.)? How, if at all, will you give others access to your data, while preserving confidentiality, security, intellectual property, & other rights/requirements? How will you archive data and preserve access? We recognize that Linguistics and related sciences do not have shared standards for data management and that circumstances vary enormously. Your plan should be appropriate to your own situation.  For something like a conference/workshop proposal, your data management plan can be as simple as stating that no data will be collected.

For additional guidance, consult the SBE policy statement concerning Data Management Plans (click here) and the related FAQ (click here).

For more information on Data Management for SBS researchers, visit SBSRI's Data Management page.

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